Recommended [part 3]

This track is originally played by Toni Braxton because it’s about a woman and her feelings.

The music industry allows also other artists to use tracks belonging to other musicians…it’s the best way to see the potential of one’s talents. This is not an exception..cuz it is also put in motion by one of the best RnB artists of the moment…Claude Kelly. And trust me…this version is way better that Toni’s.

The reason I chose to put this song up is that today I happened to get into a japanese chick … And for like 10 minutes I was like…I couldn’t speak…She made me melt :P…and it’s been awhile since I’ve felt something like this….but of course like any other gay stupid motherfucker…I didn’t say a word to her…and damn…now I regret it :))

Anyway…it’s a lil’bit sad…but it’s called fucking up your chances :)) Looking forward to the next japanese chick :)).

Like 2pac goes on 😀

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