An experiment

It’s been a while since we’ve done this shit but…I can’t help myself but to tell you something about it.

We got this project to create a perfect way of reflecting our society…a social experiment…and one of my friends decided that we should celebrate THE BEGGAR’S DAY! 😛

So in a cold and wet day…me and Radu dressed up as society’s low citizens and started to work on our project.

Straight from The Halls of the Beggars, came out…that man :)) [me and nobody else].

As you can see, not all the people I asked for a little material help, was as nice as to stop and give me something or just incourage me. Older people tend to be more sensitive to such cases but the younger generation….damn fuckin retards.

Funny thing…young girls used to laugh at me…now whattafuck is that supposed to mean? 😐 If you’re society’s scum you must be also a joke.

OOhhh! I almost forgot…one son of a bitch cursed me…This is my chance to say this…I hope you burn in Hell, you fuckin faggot. Of course..if a man is down and you’re not helping him, but instead you make his life even more miserable..U are GAY!

Anyway…the weather was cold…but we had fun. I was forced to this without my glasses…so not seeing very well was an advantage :D.

Now, now…the interesting part…the police. One Mista Officer came right at me asking for details about what I’m doing. I fucking hate the police so I blew my cover up by exposing the real facts. But he was a nice guy and apologized…but you know…One Republic said ..It’s too late [to apologize].

When the project was over, I was frozen…and not only me. Now I’m waiting for the video stuff. By the way… I’m glad that I had my close friends with me on this one…thanks guys.

[pt cretinii care nu au inteles despre ce am vorbit…punctez ca a fost doar un experiment social..un proiect pt scoala…nu practic cersetoria si nici nu am de gand…deci daca va vin idei si aud chestii despre mine….I swear to God I’ll blow your ass up…pentru tarfe si retarzi]

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