So…I was watching this video about the internet and it’s power.

From the beginning, I realised that everytime I write a word on this blog, I’m helping the Web to travel to a new media age. Services like, that allows us to create serious or stupid blogs, [or in-between like mine], are the most important things of today’s internet.

The documentary follows the beginning and the development of on-line services like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and Youtube – minor projects at first, but which are now needed all over the world. I use these services and so are you, or at least you should be.

Information travels now very fast because of the great introduction of the Web 2.0 elements. These are what we need when blogging, sharing our lives and expanding information.

It’s we who want to’s we who must inform. Think about this as helping a sick man…you have to choose, you give him some help or you just turn the other way. If you choose the second part, you’re very wrong.

It’s called power of the people..even if it’s on-line. We can help creating communities…we can share wisdom…we can create information. It’s all about connectivity and finding people with same interests. By the simple fact of posting you’re hobbies on an on-line service like You-tube or instantly get connected with people that understand your way of life.

If you understand me, you know by now that we are the future of the media. We can improve it.

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