Ookami Kakushi

New series that follow the Konami path.

Mystery…we have…cute characters…we have…also a city where unnatural is found, an atmosphere that remembers you of Higurashi.

Hiroshi Kuzumi and his sister Mana-chan, along with their father…end up in this place where Hiro seems to be the best thing that ever happened. A girl instantly falls in love with him, people are so nice to him, everybody treats Hiro like he’s some kind of God.

But like always…something goes wrong. People start to die or dissapear. We have these impressive characters..some kind of death-bringers, just like the one below.

Great story…a dark atmosphere..great music and audio-video matching. Also moe characters…mostly lolis. It looks promising and with a suspense note above.

Every episode will offer a few hints about the true facts that are happening there.

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