Zombie Media

Okay…being a fan of zombie themed games/movies I often observe some similarities between the products. It’s also the case of 28 Weeks Later and Left 4 Dead 2. The movie and the game are more related than you know. Let me give you some details.

Valve hit the gaming universe with the zombie-themed FPS – Left 4 Dead. They said that “28 Days Later” was an important element in creating this game. Like the movie has a sequel, also is the game. And the story about similarities repeats itself.

2 days ago I re-watched this masterpiece. Like the poster says..it’s better than the original. Why? Because of the plot and the action and the elements related to the game. After playing some Left 4 dead 2 I was able to concentrate on certain aspects. One of them was the behaviour of the infected. Like in the movie, L4D 2 presents hordes of zombies trying to kill everything in their way. When they spot a victim and get that person down, 4 or more zombies like to engage in a hurting action. The game expresses the same thing. When you are down, even the moves of their hands is similar to those in the movie.

Okay..second part. The flames. Zombies that still try to atack even on fire. It’s on the movie..it’s also in the game. My favourite thing to is is to put those motherfuckers to follow the scent of the Boomer’s bile that I throw in a fire. They blindly go to that place. So, you get multi-zombie killing.

Like in any zombie movie or game…weapons are the most important. Sniper rifle, shotgun, assault rifle…anything can work best against the enemy.

Another similarity was the Joy-Ride scene. Left 4 dead 2 has an fantastic map in which the survivors must face the hordes in a Joy-park [we have all sorts of mechanical machines…rollercoasters, etc].

Well…there isn’t a 28 something later movie part three…but the sequel to the second game was annouced as I recall. The creativity of the game designers must be now put to an use. I just hope that the next game will be even better than the existent ones.

This is why I’m into zombie media…I’m preparing myself for the zombie Apocalypse.

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