‘Avatar’ The Most Satanic Film Ever???

Okay…again something that shouldn’t be there…

There is this Pastor and also the founder of Mars Hill Church in Seattle, named Mark Driscoll. Because he is a Pastor he has the obligation to offer spiritual guidance for those who need and also he has to present the good ways of living your life. Okay…this is only christian-related work, but obviously he doesn’t stop there. He recently became a person that uses criticism in order to reveal the true nature of some products. In this case “Avatar”.

In his opinion this movie is “the most demonic, satanic film I’ve ever seen”.

(O_0) Okay…say what again…the most satanic? Why?

He said that this movie presents pagan elements like false gods and believes. Because the Na’Vi used to believe in the power of the nature and they spoke to their ancestors thru trees and so…

Ohh come one…it’s just a movie, it’s pure fiction, nobody forces you to do Sahelu with your mom’s flowers. But you can pee on them to die…it’s that satanic? [some will say yes]

Okay…passing over this…wanna see some satanic movies…I suggest you go with Aftermath or Guinea’s Pig. Those movies are demonic. I mean…footage of a man having sexual intercourse with a dead body or pure explicit dismemberment…that’s satanic my friend. So, just let Avatar be cuz it’s one of the best movies of the last decade.

I wonder why someone who doesn’t like a movie starts to talk like that about it. I’m a Catholic but I don’t think that I will burn in Hell because I’ve watched Avatar [twice]. And even if watching that would be a sin, I’d be a top sinner in here!

So, kids, just respect your parents and always do good deeds. Because you don’t want Satan to do Sahelu with you… 😐

2D or 3D

It’s late again…but it seems I think much more clearly at night…so I’ll post another article regarding the “needs” of an otaku. I just read a story related to Japan’s marriage problems and there’s an excerpt that inform us that the otaku cannot have children or marry because they prefer 2D females [ O_0 ]

I’ll show you now a little part of the article about the otaku:

” And once they have stepped into the world of 2D, it is a very comforting place. 2D characters aren’t fickle, they don’t lie or betray you like real women. Consequently drawing otaku back into the world of 3D is exceedingly difficult.

However, if we cannot do this Japanese society has no future.”

Okay…the future part it’s extremely bizarre, since even if we are otaku and we love 2D characters, we still enjoy the beauty of a real women and we [most of us] really like the company of the real ladies.

Just because some men don’t have a family, doesn’t mean that Japan is doomed. It’s not that simple to have a family. To do that, first of all, you need mulah, much mulah aka big money!

Because love cannot feed you. Even if you are a lucky man with a beautiful wife besides you, sometimes, things will go crazy. We all know that women have this thing for starting a fight over minor things.

Many men think that they don’t deserve a certain type of women [totally wrong].

But still, we prefer 3D females, no matter what. How can you say that this is not something you like???

picture property of jpdivas.com

There are several differences between 2D and 3D. The most important ones are:

the 2D females will never argue with you – the 3D will do that everyday

the 2D females will give you exactly what you asked them – the 3D must be convinced to do that thing

the 2D females can help you fantasize – the 3D will help you accomplish what you’ve been dreaming about

the 2D cannot offer you love – the 3D can offer you love [but that implies some costs]

the 2D always look fresh, cute and sweet – the 3D are beautiful “behind a mask”

the 2D never die – the 3D are mortals and you always cry when they are gone

the 2D are your virtual friends – the 3D could make excellent life partners

…and the list can continue. So, q.e.d. – we really need 3D figures in our lives – but we also like to embrace the “imagined” warmth of a 2D figure. Remember: don’t be fooled by a computer-based female, be fooled by a real one!!!


[some might find this article gross or offensive…make sure U want to read it]

So, it’s been awhile since I’ve seen some whattafuck Japan related products.

This is toilet paper…but it’s not that simple as it looks.

This toilet paper can help you to learn kanji characters. On it’s surface there are kanji quizzies. Yet another wtf method of learning japanese.

Okay…now I’ll become subjective. When purchasing this, you can have a few options. You can save this paper and just read the notes on it. Or you can buy it just for your wtf collection.

On the other hand you can take a shit and then you can annaly learn the notes. Or you can take the used paper and and learn from it the old-school way [with a lil’bit of extra product on it :))].

Anyway, if you’re interested in purchasing this, you can order it here:

Kanji Toilet Paper

Idol DVD Photo Review

[some parts of this article are just not quite welcomed to those under the age of 18…it contains asian hotness and sweet looking idol pictures. Beware!!]

So, I got into this Idol DVD with a sweet and innocent looking cutie [but unfortunately she’s not so innocent] named Jessica Kizaki. From what I know she’s an AV Idol but…I found that she is more talented when speaking of softcore video materials. This video is not showing any of her “private” parts…so that’s why this is much more hot then the usual ones.

The DVD contains several parts that involve Jessica in sweet and hot scenes. As the DVD name says this is a Highschool Girl Body Check Up.

Below you will see some other screens from this DVD. Enjoy!


So, that’s how it is you little pervert…you wanna see this right…you think that this has something to do with porn…well..it is the hottest pussy you’ll see in your life…and it’s with loli and moe elements all around her. Don’t you think?

Some will say: KAWAII!!!

I think she is ready to enter the Queen’s Blade! Watch out Queen Aldra…she will get the throne no matter what! She is the shit, mane!!!

[via Sankaku Complex]

Japan and the gaming piracy

Even if it’s hard to believe…gaming piracy it’s not a solution for those that live in Japan. A survey shows us that most of the gamers prefer to buy their games. Of course, the prices differ from country to country but still, the gaming industry in Japan will not suffer because of the piracy.

picture property of http://www.topnews.in

15,5 % of the gamers say that they use to download games and then play them. 7,1 % claim that they used to do this and [unbelievable] 77,4 % prefer to buy the original games. Of course, nothing compares to that feeling of putting your hands on the CD/DVD with the game you’ve waited for such a long time.

About the platforms that are mostly used by the japanese gamers, we have in top 3 the Nintendo DS, followed by Playstation 2 and Nintendo Wii. The PC it’s situated on the 17th place. Also the 14th place is reserved for the X BOX 360.

I do not know exactly what types of games the japanese gamers prefer but it surely has to do something with the RPG elements and sweet anime girls [most of them]. Gamers use to play at home and in traffic [on the bus, train]. Gaming is also practiced when going outside. Imagine sitting in the park with the latest hentai game on your DS’ screen. Nice, isn’t it?

[via What Japan Thinks]