I’m Lost

Well, with just a couple of days before the great final season of this show..I though that I should write something.

I only got into this show after the first two seasons were aired. And I absolutely fell in love with it.

Lost focuses on a group of people that survived a plane crash and they ended up on this mysterious island. Why mysterious..because of the smoke monster that lives here…because of the Dharma Initiative that was working on experiments here, because Russeau, a french-woman who ended up here…has never been rescued. Because the island is very hard to be located…because time travel can happen here…because dead people come to life and because once here, the island will not be the same after you leave, and it needs your presence again.

This is what the first five seasons talked about. [among other aspects]

The characters, each of them possessing a great personality, were linked together since their early years. Everything gets connected in the show. Speaking of characters, we have Sawyer..my hero and role-model. I’m just fucking tryin to live like that guy [except the killing part…for the moment].

In other words..LOST is one of the best shows ever produced. Mystery, adventure, drama, romance, comedy, all genres can be found in here. The evolution of the characters is something that the creators can be proud of. The environment is just..amazing. The nature on the island, the Dharma stations and all the other locations are just incredibly perfect pictured.

Okay..now I’ll just patiently wait for the sixth season to begin…I’m LOST!

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