LOST season 6

So…with just a few hours before I’ll be able to see the great introduction to season six…I wanna talk about a lil’bit about the mystery surrounding this show.

Below on this page you’ll find the other LOST article I wrote and where I said that I love this show mainly because of the characters and it’s mysteries.

So, being on the final season, LOST will tell us what we wanna know. I got so many questions. 😀

I wanna know all about the smoke monster and it’s role on this island, because as I saw…with the temple and all…the monster’s force is strongly related to the island.

I wanna know the meaning of the numbers [4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42] as Josh [Sawyer] and Lilly [Kate] do it toot :P.

I wanna know what is going to be next after the incident…we were able to see a 4 minute spoiler due to a leak of footage and which is now on youtube. I’ll not tell you anything but you can watch it for yourself.

I wanna see the fact of Charlie and Libby and Michael being back on the show [cuz they will be back]. I also wanna know the change of personalities in these characters. I was with them so long that it almost makes me cry when thinking that soon…their story will be over. I wanna have the feeling that LOST is the best show ever.

And of course I wanna know who will die in this season. It’s going to be bittersweet, so I’m sure that bad things will happen. Like in every season. Okay..now I’ll sleep for a few hours before I’ll manage to watch the beginning of this new season. GOD, I love LOST.

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