Half Life: Blue Shift

I recently finished Half Life: Blue Shift. Half Life expansion…main character officer Calhoun. New challenges…new story…new funtime.

Because I was just messin around while playing HL online, I though that I should re-practice my skills in a single player game. So, Half Life being finished, my desire for visiting again Xen made me choose the expansion set – Blue Shift.

I never played BS before…and now I don’t understand why I never tried it sooner. Cuz this game is great. Officer Calhoun arrives at the Black Mesa corporation. It seems that it will be a normal day…till something goes wrong and people start to die or dissapear. The incident that let loose a portal between Xen and the Earth can be felt on the gameplay.

Zombies and other creatures start to appear. Calhoun must deal with them as soon as possible. The main mission is to find a certain scientist and help him to get away. I don’t like to give all the details…so if it happens to bump into this game…I have a message for you…ENJOY IT!

The weapons are still the same…pistol, shotgun, assault rifle, RPG, grenades and of course “my precious” crowbar.

We have scary moments…we have lots of action, we have puzzles and ultimately…some of us have the inner feeling that playing this is so fuckin great…

Other aspects…you just have to walk the Mesa Corp again to really feel what I’m saying. At the end of the game we’ll bump into those soldiers that captured Freeman and we hear the plans of killing him [Body…What body?…<<laughs>>]. Okay…it means that I have to purchase Opposing Forces and play it too. Below are some screens [because of their number I resized all of them].

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