Picture day [part 1]

I was just walking outside a bit today…so I guess I was boring and took these. Just some places I see often when I’m outside.

A winter themed sunset…nodoby around…just me the snow and some fucking wind…damn was cold today 😐

Same sunset…near a place I usually hang out with a couple of friends [parkour and stuff]. Here is where I nearly died once 😐 [not so proud of that]

House of Horror – I guess it’s haunted by 5476340897 ghosts. I managed once to climb-up on the roof. Besides that…perfect place for parkour and hiding when lycans are after you. Near that house it’s a hole..U wonder if I ever fell down there…of course I did that…but some motherfuckers don’t believe me.

It was a cold day. But I enjoyed walking a bit.

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