‘I’m looking forward to jail’

Noooo, not me you stupid retard…but these words belong to the hottest rapper alive Lil Wayne.

Later this month our Weezy will start a long period of imprisonment.

From what I know, he will spent 1 year in a NYC correction facility, because of gun possession. I guess it’s not a perfect month for Wayne. He stated that this shit is something that was meant to be. Well, Weezy sure doesn’t make this the biggest problem of his life…respect for those who are capable to accept whatever crap is coming their way.

“That’s What Niggaz Do” is definitely a message for those who are facing this kind of problems.

Again we heard some words that came out from the soul. 2 PAC explaining what niggas do and Weezy saying that they try to lock him up and throw the key. People all over the world had problems with the police. Weezy is one of them.

Anyway…keep your head up brother even if you’ll never see this.

Weezy, baby….

picture property of shallownation.com

Now..I’ll listen more and more of his music!

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