aka the story of life in prison

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I don’t know how many of you are still thinking about the innocents that are locked up right now…and to be honest with you I don’t give a fuck…but once in awhile I still stop and meditate to all our brothers that must stay in prison for shit that they didn’t do.

A couple of days ago I watched “Jail” a hindi prison-themed movie. The movie was about an innocent man that ends up in jail because his friend was a drug dealer. A certain amount of drugs were found in his car…so based on that fact he is locked up.

Everywhere in this world innocent people are incarcerated. Most of them were only in the wrong place at a wrong timing.

Anyway let’s end this part right here. I’m gonna talk about being a convict.

I’ve always been fascinated by prisons and correctional facilities. I found very interesting the movies and the music related to them.

But do I really understand this kind of life? I guess not…since I’ve never been there and hopefully I’ll never go. But one thing that makes me keep on thinking about convicts is the treatment they get into prisons.

Once you enter that world..you surely become another person. “I was an honest man outside…I had to go to prison to become a criminal” they say. It’s a violent and evil world in there. Faggots, rapists, murderers…many of these characters are in there. Besides that are the gangs, mainy consisting in black people, white people, aryans, muslims etc. Not all of them seek only to kill other inmates and get drugs [this is what ussualy happens in prison].

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Of course that a young man inside a prison, the so called “fish” is always the victim. You end up in jail for some bullshit. You are scared…every man is scared when entering that place. But soon you find out that being a crybaby bitch doesn’t help. So you must gang up with someone. This thing implies a price…and what you must pay is never cheap. This is how you became a killer, a monster if you ask me. You will never be the same. Ever!

Let me get this straight. I never said that all people in prison are innocent…but many of them are.

Another fact that prisons gave us..or at least inform us about..is the violent behaviour of the correctional officers. Some of them are enjoying beating up and torturing the inmates. Fucking animals. I saw this documentary about torture in jails. For minor things some convicts had to pay with their lives. Fuck the man who invented the pepper spray…that shit is dangerous and causes great damage.

So…you still think that all convicts are pure evil and that they deserve to be there. U are just as stupid as a motherfucking dead crap. Think again…maybe someday you’ll end up there and your a**-***e will get larger with every day that passes by.

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It’s all about justice, but justice isn’t about taking someone’s freedom just because he didn’t do nothing. Best wishes to all incarcerated innocent people..hope you get out soon.

P.S.: Fuck snitches, fuck those who abuse inmates, fuck the laws that allow innocent people to get locked-up. And of course fuck all the retards that don’t shut up and create stories that popos believe in. Fuck free people that deserve to be in prison.


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