Why we love ‘Bitch Slap’

Besides tits and guns? Well, I’d like to say that I watched this movie only for that, but then I’ll be tellin a lie…and I’m no goddamn liar. So sit down, relax and get ready to be slapped. That’s what the promotional poster teaches us.

Okay…the story is not that simple. We have a hottie, undercover agent codename Foxy69, a psycho biatch – Camero and a beautiful stripper – Trixie.

Everyone of them is looking for something. Or at least that is what they end up doing. Foxy is searching for a powerful weapon [with microrobots], Camero is in the search of a 200 million dollars bag of diamonds and Trixie plays the victim when she is something else. In the end we will found out her role in all this story.

Okay…let’s get to the real part. Hot women, lots of guns, action scenes, fighting bitches, extreme personalities, all this in one movie.

Bitch Slap it’s about the vicious behaviour in the modern society. He have examples from prison, church, clubs and so on. All this means the hidden not-hidden part of our lives. You don’t understand me, do you?

OK. Bitch Slap brings this kind of story to tell that bitching around will never get you on higher ground. Always something will come up, and most important in all this are the relations with the others. Bitch Slap it’s about trust, it’s about the moment’s instincts, it’s about using someone. Once you see the movie, you’ll understand.

Bitch Slap is a great movie, if you see deep into the story, far away from the fact that half naked girls kick each other’s butt. It’s about getting what it’s yours…it’s about getting goals accomplished. Okay…it’s about bitches.

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