End of Franchise

Don’t tell me you don’t recognize this:

picture property of iconsoffright.com

Yes it the frikin puppet from the Saw franchise my child. Don’t worry…your fear won’t last much longer…because Saw 7 might be the last Saw movie.

Till now we heard stories about Saw 8 as the end of the game, but because Saw 6 was not very welcomed, the story must be shortened.

Patrick Melton [who wrote Saw 4,5,6 and 7] said in an interview that probably part seven will be the last. “…why make two movies when we can make one really excellent movie that wraps up as best we can?” said the author in an UK radio interview.

Well, it seems that Jigsaw is about to end his game…we are approaching the last level…and in 3D. So…starting now…I’ll be looking forward to this year’s Halloween.

I’ve been a Saw fan starting with the first movie. Then, it really got me. So yeach year I managed to enjoy a sadistic mind game with lots of human pieces and blood. Of course some would say that the movie offers now only the same idea…punishment in a self-torture way. But I say to all those people…You and me…we are going to PLAY A GAME! [terrible screams]

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