Left 4 Dead: Beware

As promised…L4D fan fiction. Enjoy!

Left 4 Dead: Beware [part 1]

“The screams kept on going on and on…I was terrified. I knew she was coming for me. I guess I wasn’t able to realise that back then.”

May 24, 1988 – A young woman and her apparently boyfriend just entered the local hospital. From distance she seemed pregnant. Back then I didn’t spot the red-blooded skirt. I just crossed the street when one of the nurses called for me.

I entered the hospital and I received a note with the patient’s name. She was Donna and she’d been attacked. She was seven months pregnant that time.

Her boyfriend was scared as he’d just came out from Hell. They were at the bank when two masked individuals came in. Donna was hit by one of them. She fell down and that guy kicked her in the stomach…this caused the bleeding and in the end the death of her child.

“She is asleep now…she is okay” I tried to comfort her lover. “I’m sorry but the baby…your baby is gone…”. The man started to cry.

“The baby was everything to her…” he moaned. “Everything”.

May 24, 20 years later – TV: “The infection continues to spread. Only last night another 44 victims were brought to the local hospital.” we see a hand with a remote control putting an end to the live broadcast.

A man stands up and walks towards the door. Here he grabs a shotgun and his hat. He looks back and we realise that he is the doctor. “The only way to stop this is by killing them”.

– Dr. Curien [what a coincidence] struggled to obtain a cure for this disease. It all started 2 years ago. An infected dog was brought in the state for research. One night he managed to bite one of the scientists. In like 30 seconds the man was dead…but he didn’t remain like that. He woke up with an insane need of human flesh. He didn’t look like a movie zombie but like a much more worse specimen. From this man, the infection spread to the entire state.

The doctor just closed the door when 2 little kids jumped on him. He had to push them away and blown their brains. “In situations like this..it’s you or them. I never looked in their eyes when I killed them. But I’m sure they wondered why”. A group of people entered an abandoned bus. The doctor saw that several infected were chasing them. They looked like they escaped from Hell. Everybody could figure that out. These people weren’t what they used to be…now they were looking like Devil’s most loyal servants.

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