Yomeiro Choice vol.1

I’m not much of a manga consumer…but once in a while I read something. This morning, I woke up…feeling so gangsta…ohh…gomenasai…wrong story.

This morning I woke up and started reading the first volume of Yomeiro Choice.

This ecchi comedy was created by Tenkla. What he originally wanted to present in this manga was the burden of being a parent.

The story goes around a high-school student, who [nobody knows why] is very popular with the ladies.

Three of them are always trying to holla at this boy [O_0].

So, suddenly, some mysterious lolis appear from no-where. They are the daughters of Saku and the females that like him.

They came from the future to make sure that they will be brought onto this world. So, mommy and daddy..make sure you’ll create me.

At first this looks like another harem high-school mature manga, but the author also stated that we should consider the parenting part of it and not [only] the perverted stuff. I wonder what his assistants said when they helped out with this? [if he had any asssistants].

We also have some romance elements. And that makes me wonder…why almost every manga that implies a certain amount of romance must create females that would do almost everything because they are in love.

The boy just does certain things and the girls always agree to do that. It’s love all about pleasuring your partner? [some trolls would say that yes, others might say no].

It’s been a while since I’ve felt something for a cute young lady, so I cannot answer you honestly.

But I guess this is just a part of the manga-art.

Anyway, Volume 1 has 6 chapters, every presenting some perverted stuff. [I will not give you details…fucking wanka]. The best part of this volume was chapter 6 when Saku [our protagonist] drinks a potion that makes him younger…and he ends up being a baby again. Funny thing about it…codename: Boobies which means “Let me down”.

The manga has it’s bad and good parts. It’s every reader’s personal opinion. If you happen to read it…go deeper in the story…feel the art.

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