Gameforge [part 1]

“Gameforge is sincerely committed to delivering game fun for millions of enthusiastic players all over the world. We transport game fun directly into the player’s mind.” – that is the message that we can see on the main page of their site.

I happened to look for some free online games and I found out this collection offered by Gameforge. Names like Metin2, Ikariam or Cabal are owned by this company. Besides these games are many more. Also BiteFight, BattleKnight or Tanoth, which will be presented in this three part article of mine.

All of them are browser-based games. It’s the first time I’ve played this kind of games. So shall we begin…my first choice – BiteFight!

Bitefight is a browser-based RPG. At the beginning you have to choose the way you wanna play. You can be a Vampire or a Werewolf. My choice was vampire.

The main menu consists in 5 choices. You have the overview see all your stats. The hideout where you can relax and see what you’ve earned by completing missions or hunting.

The Messages are infos about who you attacked/attacked you, what you’ve earned and so on.

The city is where you can find missions or where you can work.

And the most important part is the Hunt. You can choose beetween hunting humans or werewolves.

Okay…a lil’bit of detail. I will not give infos about my messages because I’ll put that in a special section on this blog [see the pages up].

From the beginning this game really got me. I tracked and hunted humans mostly. It is how I managed to earn some blood litres and gold. Gold is used to increase your stats. Also by working as a grave digger you can earn gold and experience points.

In the city you can find missions. Also in the city you have the Church where you can be healed if you’re wounded after a fierce battle. [you don’t actually fight and stuff but after each hunt you can read a detailed report about the battle].

So, don’t you find this game really interesting? It’s way much more better than BattleKnight [which will be presented in the second part].

So, I’ll have to put my Vampire to work some more in order to achieve more money and increase my skills. It’s the only way I can compete with stronger enemies.

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