Valentine’s Day Special

Okay..since today was and still is Valentine’s day…here’s a special report straight from my soul.

This year [thank you Lord] I could stay relaxed and enjoy some j-doramas and anime episodes without a girl [biatch] stressing me out. It’s not that I didn’t want to go out with someone, but it’s better for me to avoid relationships right now. Anyway, let’s get back to my report.

Valentine’s Day is a big [shit] and important [shit] female holiday. They got all the attention. Well if you’re fool enough to spend your day with the partner in places you do not want to go, doing stuff you do not want to do, spending money on something you do not want to buy…that it’s just your choice.

So, for those who are really in love…I must say congratulations…you are one step closer to your annihilation. Women got what they want on this magnificent day.

So, for all of you this are the three types of females that ussually love to celebrate VD.

We have the ones that are just concerned about spending time with their lover…the nice honest and simple females.

We have the greedy, shit-eating ones looking for more ice on their neck or money in their pocket and finally we have dem phat ladies.

source photobucket

PHAT as in PHAT! Now these type of women are really not-what you want.

Imagine a perfect day in the company of one of these ladies. Don’t get me wrong…I’m not saying that they do not deserve anything…but…come on…Jesus Christ…and what the fuck…jeez…LOL….:| What in the world made you look like this…It’s’s sad dammit.

It’s VD’s nightmare…or it is just a Valentine’s Day special report…it’s your choice…cuz one day your girlfriend will look like this. And then you’ll realise that you can’t do shit about it.

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