Diary of the Dead – FanEdit

When great things come out…people ussually do whatever it takes to get in touch with them. So, this month was released an Extreme FanCut version of Romero’s Diary of The Dead. And it’s fantastic. Myself, I always loved the amateur-like shot scenes, because they are more than just a part of the movie, but the most important parts that create a connection [even if it’s still fiction] with the real world. Take Blair Witch Project for example…which is quite good and nobody knows for sure if it’s a fake or not.

So Romero used this idea of commom people recording the Zombie Apocalypse and he managed to create Diary of the Dead. Then came the fans who edited it making this movie more exciting. But you have to see both versions to truly understand it’s magnificence.

George A. Romero and Uwe Boll are my favourite directors. Both of them created movies in which you can picture yourself as a character…that makes you wonder why some fans helped to the fancut.

What is new in Romero’s film is that some scenes that weren’t important were cut off and instead the fanedit came with “real” footage of zombie-inflicted incidents.

Here’s a list of cut-off parts and new ones.

New: Opening scenes

New: Position of gas-masked police entering apartment block to mirror opening of Dawn Of The Dead (1978)

Cut: Michelle Morgan’s narration in entirety

New: Technical difficulty sequence

Cut: Michelle Morgan acting badly in winnebago

New: Recorded earlier sequence

New: Out of control sequence

You can see the entire list of changes here: DOTD

Romero used the slow-kind of zombies in most of his movies…the fanedit scenes present these villains as quick killing machines…you don’t want to get into their way.

So, this article inspired me to think of a Zombie Apocalypse one in the near future…so stay tuned for more info.

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