Recommended [part 7]

In my country the common [stupid-as-fuck] people have a problem when speaking about an artist being commercial or still belonging to the underground.

Lots of them really LOVE to state their opinions on who they hate and why some artists are better than others. But as a matter of fact, that it’s totally irrelevant. It’s still music and if one artist want to sound different and uses another type of music…it’s his choice.

One of the songs that brought that debate up is the next one. This artist, a rapper, happened to embrace the club-r’n’b style not so long ago. It still sounds great and has nice collabs…but you know…motherfuckers think that they are better when talking shit about it. Maybe even you belong to that side.

People forgot about music…It’s time to wake them up to reality…Listen to the track bitch!

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