When God is tired of the bullshit that we use to do, he decides that it’s time for a change. HE lost HIS faith in humankind…so he concludes that the Apocalypse must be prepared. Legion is the story of the Apocalypse, the story that you never knew.

The 2 parts of the Good Book learned us that GOD at first was a honest but an angry, cruel and fearsome entity. Then HE was presented as the one WHO loves HIS people and forgives everything.

Legion takes us back to the image of God being totally convinced that the world must come to an end. The movie presents the facts that led to the Apocalypse. God sends a legion of angels to possess the people [not demons but angels] who will kill and destroy everything that they encounter.

The story is set in a desert-diner where few individuals met up. We have a 3-member family, a rebel black-man and those who work there.

Everything begins when this little old lady appears and starts to behave strangely…as in extreme!!

Soon the Archangel Michael arrives and sets us into the main story….survival against the horde of angry angels. There is this pregnant woman who is the most important and must be protected…because her child is the only hope that remained. Legion is a typical thriller with few great scenes.

The movie centres on this message: If tommorrow you’ll die, will you regret the life that you had? Even if this is a movie only, someday, God will do such things and the Apocalypse will come. Like someone close to me once said…we do not know what the future reserved for us…but it’s better if we are prepared for this.

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