Classmates is a 2008 Japanese production that combines elements of drama and romance in order to explain the relationship between two classmates.

Jun Shibahara starts an email relationship with a girl he never met [well at least he doesn’t know that yet]. They share a common special day [the day when they were born] and the passion for stars and galaxies. They talk like everyday about their problems, passions and the desire to meet.

Jun and the other person whose nickname was also Jun become closer and closer. Even if he is a nice guy, sometimes Jun likes to reveal his dark side [selfish, aggressive, careless]. When he meets his classmate who’s been in the hospital for a long time he behaves like a child, starting an argue with her.

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And will not be the only time when they fight. Even if she’s a wheelchair she still likes to provoke him.

Soon, because of the conversations with his new friend he will accept to take care of some of his classmates problems. At the time she became weak and her condition worsened, the messages stopped.

Soon, Jun will be struck by the fact that his classmate died and a little longer after that he finds out that she was the one who emailed him.

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A tragic love story in which one of the partners has to die…I really hate that idea because it gets me down. But still, it’s a great movie. If we take a deep look into the story we realize that perfect things don’t last long and we come across the idea of doing things too early.’s sad but these things are a part of what we call life [which is a bitch, of course]. And suddenly her onee-chan, death [which is a whore] must destroy what someone tried to build. And still…this is life.

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