This movie involves the biggest mystery of our lives…and that is death. Departures is a japanese production that tells the story of preparing someone for the long journey that happens right after he leaves this world.

The story centers on a young man who feels like in a crisis. He takes the time to meditate about his life and gets to this conclusion – his life til now was meaningless, he never did something for the sake of the world.

Because of some problems, he has to move to the country side [the orchestra in which he was playing the cello has disbanded. Now he must either pay or sell the cello].

He ends up in his old home, an ex-restaurant that belonged to his father.

He saw this ad in the newspaper about a job helping others to travel. Being interested and sure that it has to do something with a travel agency, he ends up in the encoffing business.

The encoffiners prepare the corpses for their last act on this world. They have to dress/clean and reflect the beauty of the deceased. It’s a well-paid job but people soon start to talk shit about it.

The movie reflects also the drama of losing someone. Most of the victims in this film are young, so the tragedy is even bigger.

It’s touching, it has a great soundtrack and it really is a tearjerker.

So, what’s the biggest dream of you for this life…reflect upon that and then try to accomplish it…cuz you’ll never know when it’s time for you to go and you’ll look back and realize that you didn’t do nothing for this world.

Even if you just shared your wisdom with someone, this thing might help one day. It’s even better if you are really into helping those who need a little it of support. Take a good look at you and wonder if that’s really you…

2 thoughts on “Departures

    • Indeed it has…I always believed that death isn’t the “real” end…but that something awaits for us after we cross that line. It’s a very good movie!

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