Elfen Lied

Every otaku has this favorite thing about the world he fantasizes about. Because I’m more into anime and manga, I’ll talk about my favorite anime series ever. Number one goes to Elfen Lied.

I don’t think it’s possible for someone who is into japanese animation not to have heard about this.

Elfen Lied is the story of the diclonius – a strange species that are about to extinct all humans. The thing that separates this species from humans is the presence of the horns and the invisible arms [vectors] which are used as weapons.

From the first episode we can see the brutality that one diclonius can reveal. The main character Lucy aka Nyuu has a double personality. Lucy is a cold-blooded killer while her other side, Nyuu is the most innocent girl on Earth.

Elfen Lied concentrates on the story that happened a few years before and the present consequences of those acts. It’s the first contact of the diclonius with the humans. As we can see, from the beginning, the dicloniuses enjoyed killing the humans. “When you are miserable, you need something that it’s even more miserable than you…” this is the line that made Lucy to start her sadistic actions.

This anime is all about the relationship between individuals. It’s about love, betrayal, revenge and hate.

With just 13 episodes plus a special one, Elfen Lied is one of the best anime series ever and my favorite. It has ecchi and horror elements that are combined in order to reflect a world that really exists. The dicloniuses can be perceived as those day-by-day citizens that enjoy destroying the world for a living. Elfen Lied it’s all about the bad shit that happens in our lives.

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