‘Avatar’ The Most Satanic Film Ever???

Okay…again something that shouldn’t be there…

There is this Pastor and also the founder of Mars Hill Church in Seattle, named Mark Driscoll. Because he is a Pastor he has the obligation to offer spiritual guidance for those who need and also he has to present the good ways of living your life. Okay…this is only christian-related work, but obviously he doesn’t stop there. He recently became a person that uses criticism in order to reveal the true nature of some products. In this case “Avatar”.

In his opinion this movie is “the most demonic, satanic film I’ve ever seen”.

(O_0) Okay…say what again…the most satanic? Why?

He said that this movie presents pagan elements like false gods and believes. Because the Na’Vi used to believe in the power of the nature and they spoke to their ancestors thru trees and so…

Ohh come one…it’s just a movie, it’s pure fiction, nobody forces you to do Sahelu with your mom’s flowers. But you can pee on them to die…it’s that satanic? [some will say yes]

Okay…passing over this…wanna see some satanic movies…I suggest you go with Aftermath or Guinea’s Pig. Those movies are demonic. I mean…footage of a man having sexual intercourse with a dead body or pure explicit dismemberment…that’s satanic my friend. So, just let Avatar be cuz it’s one of the best movies of the last decade.

I wonder why someone who doesn’t like a movie starts to talk like that about it. I’m a Catholic but I don’t think that I will burn in Hell because I’ve watched Avatar [twice]. And even if watching that would be a sin, I’d be a top sinner in here!

So, kids, just respect your parents and always do good deeds. Because you don’t want Satan to do Sahelu with you… 😐

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