Fansubbing Mistakes

Okay, like in every domain that you can encounter, there are people who work perfectly and those who make mistakes.

We all make mistakes and we feel sorry about that and we cry and we lose our jobs and we cry again and then we think about how unfair that was and then we think about changing ourselves and then we get a new job where the procces is due to repeat itself.

Okay. I made more mistakes than I can remember and I’m not going to repeat them. But one thing that I learned is never do something that I don’t quite understand or have infos about. And we are talking now about the BIG mistakes that some fansubbers make.

I’ll point that WinD [We are in Denial] and Ayako and maybe Mazui are my favourite fansubbing groups. I don’t remember to feel like I know more japanese then these guys. Anyway, the problem is where subbing becomes something like “He’s not going to die even if you kill him” or “Being alone is so lonely”. These are cliches already. And people still use them.

Again, different fansubbing groups work on the same show but the infos that they share are totally behind the subject. I wonder why they took the responsibility to sub a show when they end doing a half-assed job. Nobody forces you to sub, people do it because they love it, they don’t get paid. But still, you must work correctly.

Whattafuck man, are you doing the stanky leg while subbing and that’s why your subs suck? You’re too busy learning how to jerk or something?

With all these, my respect for those who deserve to be called fansubbers.

Senjyogahara Hitagi Kotobukiya Ver. – review

This is one character from Bakemonogatari, which I didn’t watched, but I planned to.

Produced by Shiketaudonko and manufactured by Kotobukiya, the figure could bring a little sunshine into your collection.

As you can see, there’s no big contrast between the colors used for this figure. But even with that my favorite color it’s still black.

Awesome absolute territory depiction.

I also like the hair, not an easy thing to create.

The figure it’s due to release on July this year and you can pre-order it here.

Story of a gamer

Well, there’s a perfect time for everything. Finally, this day has come. Finally, I’ll say it:

I’m proud to be a gamer.

They say that gamers are geeks [glasses-wearing dudes] with lack of social skills and who prefer to live in their virtual lives. They prefer to stay in and they avoid dates and reunions with friends. They don’t care much about their look and they have a chaotic way of life.

Yeah…right…you know that only idiots and those who can understand what it means to be a gamer are making these statements. And Gamespy proved again that I’m right, with an article regardingĀ  a study on gamers and non-gamers. And guess what…non-gamers suck [everything they get their hands on].

I know that most of you heard the expression “get a life” that was addressed to a gamer. There’s a good part in those words, but it’s not meant for the gamers. It’s addressed to those incapacitated retards that are obsessed with a single game. being a gamer IT’S HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOUR LOVE FOR WOW. Being a gamer means that you are able to play any kind of game and you understand the story.

But you know, a fucking retard cannot play any kind of game.Because he is a retard, a half-brain individual and he cannot process many information – he risks to get fatal errors on his HDD.

But, anyway – let’s get back to subject. The study showed that gamers are more social active than non-gamers. I play games, I watch movies but I also spend a lot of time with my friends. Even today I was out a few hours.

Gamers hit the gym more often than non-gamers. I exercise everyday, I like to run, I engage sometimes in parkour sessions – I’m not a lazy motherfucker.

Also, gamers prefer to like what they see in a mirror. Body-caring and look-related products are on a gamer’s list. On the other hand – cocksu…a sorry, non-gamers don’t seem to do that.

So, tell me world, why gamers are every time associated with dickless idiots that play only WoW??

Gaming PC

A bit of…Spring

Since my new attempt to change…there will be a major change also in the structure and quality of my articles.

Today [like any other day] – a full day, with good and bad things – but still sunny and warm, made me realize that the spring has began. And how can you celebrate this day without thinking about the revival of the nature.

From a dark-colored landscape, everything evolves to a colorful, enjoyable, full of life scene. In Japan, from the end of March til the end of April, the people celebrate Hanami. This event is related to the revived nature, because it consists in “enjoying the flowers” that began to appear. You probably know that the cherry and ume blossoms are the main characters in here, at this moment.

picture property of

Like every year, when spring appears I usually like to be near a forest, with all the fresh grass and trees surrounding me. Nothing but a quiet environment, sun, cold drinks, fresh air and no stress. The weekend is coming fast, maybe I should do this thing šŸ˜›


All over the world, people manage to associate to two distinct groups. Half of them say that change is good, the other half thinks that you need to stay true to yourself and be the same.

The main part of this idea is the way you change…and just by yourself you can say what’s good or bad.

So, I really feel that some things must be changed in my life…I’ll not mention them [right now] but I want to change like everything that it’s related to my existence. And that in a good way.

So, welcome to J-entertainment 2.0.

Moehaku 2010

Moehaku 2010 edition brought into attention lots of car and motorcycles designs, but to be honest, that wasn’t the main attraction.

Beside the car-show there were lots of cosplayers that became [NICE and slowly] the main reason for being there.

Like somebody said, maybe, most of the visitors/photographers, were there for this hot cosplayers that gave the opportunity of seeing new real-life characters.

Don’t tell me you still prefer that motorcycle even after seeing that Melona-doll.

Such amazing…skills. This type of event it’s a great opportunity to start your photographer career. I mean, all these cosplayers – while you’re engaged with them on a photo session – they offer you exactly what you’re asking for them.

That if you’re not a scared bitch and block when seeing them. It’s not just one time when I read that someone became shy when seeing a cosplayer and couldn’t ask for various poses. Damn…and I don’t know how to do to get into a cosplay show…

Japanese girls…

What kind of girls would you like? That was [sort of] the question. A recent survey on 1102 people, revealed that being a geek among girls is something that most desire. The real question was what subject must be discussed by a girl, to really impress you?

With a 100% score – winners were the girls who know a lot about cars and motorcycles.

The second place was reserved for those females who know to talk about computers. And the third place was given to girls who love airplanes, battleships and other transportation and war related machines.

I don’t know why, but I’m totally with this. I would like to talk about what interests me [my hobbies] with a girl rather that listen to her crappy opinion on girly subjects. Wouldn’t you?