28 Days Later comic vol. 1

[warning – spoilers ahead]

Here I am with my first comic read. And because I’m addicted to zombies and killing them…I went with a comic that I never thought it existed. 28 Days Later – inspired by the movie with the same name.

So, what made me go reading a comic – well, the site GeeksOfDoom have many comic reviews and because I loved some of the articles and some of the comics presented there, I said I should try reading one.

So, 28 Days Later, volume 1. We know the story of the “Manchester Trio”. They traveled a long way in order to survive and to find a refugee camp.

Here is where the comic begins. Selena is approached by a reporter who asks for her help. He wants to get back to Britain.

As we know, Selena had a tough time trying to get out of that place and the idea of going back it’s not something that she planned for. But in the end, she will accept the offer.

The chopper that carries Selena, the reporter and a few military guys is attacked. They have to land in order to remain alive.

So, they find themselves nine miles far away from their destination. Just a few moments later they come across some infected. Here’s where the best part of the comic begins. Selena uses her machete in order to kill the zombies.

A very impressive first volume. Stay tuned for volume 2 review.

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