Does new anime suck???

[Because the freedom of expression is still something that every person has, I’m engaging myself into taking this idea from – and I will answer the question that is also the title of this article]

Not so long ago, Japanator offered its users the possibility to promote their blogs [on] by creating an article with the same name as this one: Does new anime suck?

And because I’m feeling quite open tonight and I want to share my thoughts with whoever is reading this, I’ll answer that question too.

So, the answer [my answer] is obviously NO!!!

I really love the new design, the new stories and the extra cuteness and moe elements that took over the anime series. Some traditional and classic series are really good [for example Berserk – I really love that show] but if you put me to choose between a 80’s anime and a 2010’s one, I’ll stay with the new one.

Why? Because I love exploring the stories that are created by today’s artists, because I want to examine all the creative elements and their evolution. It’s because I love the designs, the graphics, the characters and their personality.

It’s because I love their work [the artists’] and because their level of innovation. It’s because I just love the new generation of anime shows.

So, in my opinion new anime doesn’t suck! But you do!

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