Okay, in here I’ll talk a bit about myself and the conceptions that define me.

I always tried to be the same, not to change and become a fuckin hater, but those that surround me just made this impossible. A couple of days ago I was asked what type of media I consume. I can’t say exactly if this was the first the time I was asked this, but I guess was the time to answer that too.

So, being just me I said that I prefer IT and Gaming media. So, some bitch thought that was funny or stupid or something, so she started to laugh at me. Retard cunt…whattafuck is with that reaction?

Man, I’m so fuckin tired of those losers and idiots that do not own a brain but they think with their intestines. If you are a fucktard just shut the fuck up, you hoe.

Anyway…after listening two weeks of exclusive japanese music I tried to get back to my romanian artists. Romanian rap is best if it comes from the underground. Today I listened to many, many tracks and I can’t get enough of it. Right now, while I’m writing this I’m still listening some good shit.

New Project [featuring one of my friend, my lil’nigga M.]. It’s called “The MG Experiment” and it will be powered by wordpress. And of course it will have the same taste and two authors [Additer-that’s me bitches and ma boy Noseslegio]

Starting today I’m beginning to work on some visual media related articles. I guess I’ll post them in Romanian and English. Movie-making is still one of my favorite things to talk about and to study.

So, you didn’t find anything interesting in this post…well, you can go and fuck yourself with an Assault rifle! Excuse me if I’m being too subjective.

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