Jaywalk vocalist arrested

I don’t know why, but I fuckin hate drug-related shit. Maybe it’s because they can ruin your life, maybe because I had some problems with some people accusing me of being involved in that shit.

But when you get arrested for possession it’s only your fault. Recently the vocalist of the japanese band Jaywalk – Koichi Namakura was arrested because he had some small doze of happy-time substances. He was in his car, one night, when the police asked him to get outta the vehicle. It was night of course – but why would the police get you out of your car. The car was not moving – it was parked – something that makes me wonder again why should someone get me out of my fuckin parked car.

Maybe there are some other circumstances – maybe the patrol saw him using that shit – I dunno – but still – if you didn’t do anything, why you must leave the car 😐 [laws, laws, laws….haahh][O_0]

Anyway, he admitted his guilt – so that’s a good thing when speaking of the punishment. I hope he will be fine…

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