Bye Bye Loli!

Well, for some time, a lot of discussions and things happened around this part of the media. Loli-lovers it’s time for you to say goodbye to uncensored lolis. At least something good will come out of this. The mentality of these people maybe will change and we will not hear anymore about child-like characters addicts.

For those who didn’t know, lolis are the child-like characters in the media [anime, manga, games] which in Japan were always presented as sensual and partial naked [or even naked] characters.

On 18th march is set a proposal for censoring these characters.

Some of the population will not agree with this, but then, let’s think about the time when you will have a child. With the crazy things that happen nowadays, will you want your child to face sexuality at an early age? Lolis are that part that is considered “evil”. Where’s the fucking innocence, the happiness of childhood? Not to mention that this is “child pornography” – so you risk to go visit the prison.

Personally, I hope that this shit will be gone. There are too many characters like those – and I hope they’ll vanish. I don’t give a fuck about what you think, but lolis are not an option.

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