The place I live in…

Okay – this will be an autobiographical article – stating some aspects of the place that I live in. I still hope that someday I’ll manage to move away, far away from here – and that as soon as possible.

To avoid direct contact from these sons of bitches I’ll not post the name of this shit-hole, but If you know me, you’ll surely know about what I’m talking about.

I live here since I was 7. I liked it here – being very young and stupid – but now things have changed. This place is full of sons of bitches and fucktards.

There an evil growing up slowly in here. People like to fuck you up whenever they have the occasion. I hope they fucking die and become zombies or something. That way I’ll be able to kill them without worrying that I might go to jail. Fuck jail! The police threatened me last summer that I can end up in prison because some glass that I broke. LMFAO!!! Can you believe that…how stupid they thought I was…I didn’t gave a fuck then –  and I still don’t give a fuck now.

Stupid people that surround me love to call the police and give them reasons to harass you. If you’re listening to music too loud – the police will come and ask you the motive of that. If you lend your car to someone to drive it – and you don’t own a driver’s license – fucktards will call the police and state that your illegally using a car.

I just heard a story of the playing music on your telephone. The police asked the papers of some guys because they were listening to the music on the phone –  and that my friends was considered against the laws of public silence.

OMG – how stupid can you be to say that. A phone isn’t that fucking loud…

Now I wish for three things: to move away, to have a gunshot/assault rifle, and the possibility of killing many many of the people in here. [this is a joke – don’t fucking call the police because I wrote this down – cuz I know that you’re stupid enough to do it]

So, something like this happened in your neck of the woods?

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