La Isla de la Munecas

Yes, I know it sounds creepy, I know it sounds like a good place of shooting a horror video and I know that place is scary. But did you knew it was real?

“The Island of the Dolls” is situated in Mexico and has a very interesting thing to offer. Everywhere you go, these dolls [dismembered and mutilated] greet you. The whole place is struck by a dark and twisted atmosphere. But I would love to go there.

The man who “invented” this kind of place was Don Julian Santana who managed in a very long period of time to collect old dolls and then use them in this creepy show. The story behind this creation was to establish a “thing” in order to please the soul of a little girl who died by drowning in the canal. That’s why he used dolls. And because the girl was dead, the dolls couldn’t be showed full of life and bringing happiness. No. The had to fit to the girl’s new condition – as in dead. And by the pictures I saw, I’d say that the job was done right.

Just imagine being there at night, in the middle of a storm, and the wind making strange noises, the lighting helping you to see those dolls. You would start to believe that they are possessed or something. Wait…I heard something…

OMG, it’s a damn doll….shit!! It’s coming towards me! She’s clo….. [evil baby laugh].

One thought on “La Isla de la Munecas

  1. Hey, if you visit Mexico at the time that I am over there for my winter/summer break, let me join you on your expedition to this area that you mention.

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