A warning from History

I don’t know how many of you are into history – but in my case – history was one of my best points since highschool. Battles, wars and other violent inflicted acts always fascinated me [even if I would not engage in a violent act]. But maybe, my all-time obsession is related to the World Wars. And not long ago I saw that BBC production – History of World War Two – Nazis – A warning from history.

And I have to state that I learned new things that I never found anywhere else.

The 6 part documentary concentrated on the WW2 from the German perspective. It was all about the Nazis and their leader and the acts that they were capable of.

The documentary focuses on the Germany led by Adolf Hitler and his loyal Nazi leaders. The documentary brought up this question – why didn’t the German people just refused to do all those atrocities?

And the only relevant answer that crossed my mind was that – human nature is evil – and the WW2 was a perfect time for that to be shown.

Something that appeared to be a peaceful reunion of all german-speaking people was in fact a seizure. Hitler knew that he must revive the Germany.

But this wasn’t his only plan. Because he was obsessed with Darwin’s theory – survival of the fittest, he conceived some ideologies that put Jews and gypsies and other people on his black list. After that, the extermination began.

From now here, you know what happened. People shot, hanged, beaten to death, drowned or gassed. Pure evil on Earth.

I still wonder now, how that was possible…why people acted like that…

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