Having fun…

There are impressive variations between the things you can do in Japan after midnight and the things you can do where I live.

Of course except the clubbing and the tricks you can pull out in order to have some fun.

And I’ll first state the things I can do in here. I can fucking sit at home and waste my time on the hundreds of anime and japan related sites that I read everyday. I can go out clubbin [if I happen to have some money]. I can team up with some retards and do crazy stuff [til the police spots us]. Anything else…well not much.

Meanwhile, in Japan you can continue your night by eating [at 24h open shops] you can play videogames [in geeky special emplacements], you can read manga in non-stop convenience stores. You can also go to movie marathons – which I heard that are not the best movies you’ll ever see – but who knows – maybe you’ll bump into something quite awesome.

Having fun differs from place to place, from culture to culture, from a person to another. But it’s still fun.

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