Moehaku 2010

Moehaku 2010 edition brought into attention lots of car and motorcycles designs, but to be honest, that wasn’t the main attraction.

Beside the car-show there were lots of cosplayers that became [NICE and slowly] the main reason for being there.

Like somebody said, maybe, most of the visitors/photographers, were there for this hot cosplayers that gave the opportunity of seeing new real-life characters.

Don’t tell me you still prefer that motorcycle even after seeing that Melona-doll.

Such amazing…skills. This type of event it’s a great opportunity to start your photographer career. I mean, all these cosplayers – while you’re engaged with them on a photo session – they offer you exactly what you’re asking for them.

That if you’re not a scared bitch and block when seeing them. It’s not just one time when I read that someone became shy when seeing a cosplayer and couldn’t ask for various poses. Damn…and I don’t know how to do to get into a cosplay show…

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