A bit of…Spring

Since my new attempt to change…there will be a major change also in the structure and quality of my articles.

Today [like any other day] – a full day, with good and bad things – but still sunny and warm, made me realize that the spring has began. And how can you celebrate this day without thinking about the revival of the nature.

From a dark-colored landscape, everything evolves to a colorful, enjoyable, full of life scene. In Japan, from the end of March til the end of April, the people celebrate Hanami. This event is related to the revived nature, because it consists in “enjoying the flowers” that began to appear. You probably know that the cherry and ume blossoms are the main characters in here, at this moment.

picture property of endaxei.com

Like every year, when spring appears I usually like to be near a forest, with all the fresh grass and trees surrounding me. Nothing but a quiet environment, sun, cold drinks, fresh air and no stress. The weekend is coming fast, maybe I should do this thing 😛

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