Story of a gamer

Well, there’s a perfect time for everything. Finally, this day has come. Finally, I’ll say it:

I’m proud to be a gamer.

They say that gamers are geeks [glasses-wearing dudes] with lack of social skills and who prefer to live in their virtual lives. They prefer to stay in and they avoid dates and reunions with friends. They don’t care much about their look and they have a chaotic way of life.

Yeah…right…you know that only idiots and those who can understand what it means to be a gamer are making these statements. And Gamespy proved again that I’m right, with an article regarding¬† a study on gamers and non-gamers. And guess what…non-gamers suck [everything they get their hands on].

I know that most of you heard the expression “get a life” that was addressed to a gamer. There’s a good part in those words, but it’s not meant for the gamers. It’s addressed to those incapacitated retards that are obsessed with a single game. being a gamer IT’S HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOUR LOVE FOR WOW. Being a gamer means that you are able to play any kind of game and you understand the story.

But you know, a fucking retard cannot play any kind of game.Because he is a retard, a half-brain individual and he cannot process many information – he risks to get fatal errors on his HDD.

But, anyway – let’s get back to subject. The study showed that gamers are more social active than non-gamers. I play games, I watch movies but I also spend a lot of time with my friends. Even today I was out a few hours.

Gamers hit the gym more often than non-gamers. I exercise everyday, I like to run, I engage sometimes in parkour sessions – I’m not a lazy motherfucker.

Also, gamers prefer to like what they see in a mirror. Body-caring and look-related products are on a gamer’s list. On the other hand – cocksu…a sorry, non-gamers don’t seem to do that.

So, tell me world, why gamers are every time associated with dickless idiots that play only WoW??

Gaming PC

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