Fansubbing Mistakes

Okay, like in every domain that you can encounter, there are people who work perfectly and those who make mistakes.

We all make mistakes and we feel sorry about that and we cry and we lose our jobs and we cry again and then we think about how unfair that was and then we think about changing ourselves and then we get a new job where the procces is due to repeat itself.

Okay. I made more mistakes than I can remember and I’m not going to repeat them. But one thing that I learned is never do something that I don’t quite understand or have infos about. And we are talking now about the BIG mistakes that some fansubbers make.

I’ll point that WinD [We are in Denial] and Ayako and maybe Mazui are my favourite fansubbing groups. I don’t remember to feel like I know more japanese then these guys. Anyway, the problem is where subbing becomes something like “He’s not going to die even if you kill him” or “Being alone is so lonely”. These are cliches already. And people still use them.

Again, different fansubbing groups work on the same show but the infos that they share are totally behind the subject. I wonder why they took the responsibility to sub a show when they end doing a half-assed job. Nobody forces you to sub, people do it because they love it, they don’t get paid. But still, you must work correctly.

Whattafuck man, are you doing the stanky leg while subbing and that’s why your subs suck? You’re too busy learning how to jerk or something?

With all these, my respect for those who deserve to be called fansubbers.

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