Dante’s Inferno – An Animated Epic

This is the best animated film I’ve seen recently – and I’m referring to storyline, animation quality and character evolution – all these elements bringing us a very well constructed production.

Dante Alighieri wrote in the fourteenth century the epic poem – The Divine Comedy – structured in three main parts – Inferno, Purgatorio and Paradiso.

The animated movie is inspired by this written work and brings us the characters, concepts and events as stated in the poem. Even Virgil is present as the guide through the Hell.

Our hero, because of his sins – ends up entering the inferno to save the soul of the woman he loved. He was unfaithful and because of that, Beatrice is kidnapped and taken to Inferno.

Dante has to cross those nine circles in order to reach his destination.

Limbo, Lust, Greed, Gluttony, Wrath, Heresy, Violence, Fraud and Betrayal – are all presented in the film – the main circles of Hell – in which Dante has to confront many beasts and demons to keep on going.

The storyline also presents past events – for explaining the present situation. Dante has sinned, he has taken a wrong path and because of that he had to pay. When Lucifer makes Beatrice his wife, Dante is overwhelmed by the bad attributes that he possesses.

This is a very interesting depiction of the main character. He is presented as a changed man, after all the bad things he did. He admits his guilt and he would sacrifice his soul in order to save Beatrice.

The circles of hell are very well produced. I really loved the animation – especially the Greed, Wrath and the Heresy circles. We also have an incursion in Dante’s family. Both of his parents are here. He will free his mother who committed suicide but he will have to fight with his father. Lucifer suggested a very tempting reward for stopping Dante to continue his journey – therefore his father will be the one who will try to achieve that goal.

The final part – the fight with Lucifer is the main reason for his journey through the Inferno – as Lucifer said. I’ll not give any more details because I already spoiled this article big time.

I guess I’ll have to read the poem in order to learn more about the circles of Hell.

Drinking Boys

Well, this is something I can’t quite explain. And that because 1-I didn’t understand the hidden messages there, 2-hopefully I’ll never end up doing similar things and 3-I’m NOT GAY!

I happened to come across this YT link with a very demotivational video.

I do not speak japanese [but I wish I could] so I didn’t understand what they are saying [except the Drinking Boys parts].

A group of people start to dance in a very strange way. Besides that they are naked and they’re covering their private parts with some reddish fan-like objects. I can’t understand what is the meaning of that video. Is it some twisted way to attract people into doing the same thing or it is a gay party failure? I’ll let you to decide.

The reality beyond FPS

Every gamer loves First Person Shooters.

Who doesn’t love taking the shotgun/assault rifle and destroy everything that surround him. War-themed, horror, fantastic – all shooters make this world a better place.

Most people stated that killing in videogames is a simulation for real violent acts. If you’re a stupid retard and after playing Doom 3 you go outside and start killing your neighbors with a wrench or a pipe – you deserve to get caught and never see the sunlight again.

But studies show that FPSs have not only defects but also qualities. I already knew that – but people seem to be avoiding the reality about games.

FPS can be used to train our brains, can be used for people who have memory problems – can make us more intelligent and more attentive to the surrounding environment. We can train our understanding skills and we can act different in the real life.


Voice acting

When choosing the right person to became the representation of a character [mostly in movies and anime, but also in radio-theater and CD dramas] – the voice becomes very important.

And keeping your voice healthy enough [for those who make a living with it] is even harder. Recently I’ve heard some news about the income of those who work as voice actors in eroges and hentai series.

And as stated, they don’t get paid as well  as they should be. Seiyuus [in our case who are involved in erotic works] have a lot of trouble trying to create the perfect tonality and rhythm, to speak as the characters should. It’s even harder when you have to create impossible sounds [screams, moans, etc.]

They say it’s a dirty job, but somebody’s gotta do it. Like this, no wonder that people will look upon other kind of [shady] jobs.

Amazing NDS game

I didn’t see this til today – even if the game hit the market last month. This is a puzzle-adventure game that features extremely great 3D effects. As you will see in the video below – when you move your console, the environment in the game changes accordingly to the used angle.

The game’s name is Rittai Kakushi E Attakoreda (Hidden 3D Image: There It Is!). And it is AWESOME!

Essay – Fake lips, booze = horny

May contain inappropriate language, ideas and depictions. You have been warned.

As written in the scriptures of the mighty Ecchi Gods: Every man has the right to dream about Idols, every man has the right to consume alcohol in order to help him create the perfect scenario in the presence of an Idol and therefore every man has the right to use the newest horny-to-lust fake Idol lips. That was written and sealed.

The story of the fake Idol lips is something totally new to me.

Let’s say you have a “thing” for a japanese idol. You bought her DVD’s, you decorated your room with posters and pictures of hers. You even broke up with your girl when she caught you fappin at those images. U realized that your love for that Idol is so intense that you would like to kiss her – to offer her your precious little lusty love.

Now, because the love people share for gravure idols – have been invented the fake idol lips – made out of silicone and having the shape that imitates the real lips of some gravure idols.

You achieve the booze – you get the lips. You open the bottle – you attach the lips. You drink – you “kiss” the idol. You get fucked-up – you have nasty dreams. You drink some more – you fap [again].

Simple, isn’t it?

It is a strange idea, and it’s stranger seeing someone thinking this way. Attach – drink – imagine – three steps that will bring you closer to the idol paradise. Bitch naw!! My personal opinion says that this is pretty fucktarded. But that’s just me. Maybe you already purchased this thing…

picture property of gigazine.net

Stealing electricity

OMFG! This is so unusual.

A man [unemployed-obviously] [declared to be a lazy-ass] has been sentenced to one year in prison because he stole ¥2.5 worth amount of electricity.

He didn’t stopped after being observed and warned – he kept on using that stolen amount – but after some time – the authorities were announced and now he’s been arrested.

¥2.5 is a very very little – and makes me wonder why such a punishment for such an insignificant amount of money.

But then Lord Raiden came and said: Thou shalt not steal me electric power – thou shalt not mock the power of the protector of the Earth Realm. I spared you from participating in the last MK competition and be glad that you didn’t end up in Shao Khan’s mines.

I’m feeling sorry for the guy [damn, now I’m afraid that Lord Raiden will come after me too :|] – but he asked for it – cuz he ignored the warnings.

But anyway – a year in prison is a very long period of time.