Understanding fashion

Well, here I am – doing some kind of research. I started to get interested in many many different domains over the years and I started to read a lot of sites/blogs. But til now, I never believed that fashion could interest someone like me.

I always loved the clothing styles in anime and j-doramas and even cosplay costumes but I never thought that I should try learning a lil’bit about fashion. But now I realized that design and style is something that everybody should be aware of.

So, here I am again, checking up some work of Marie Sasago, a journalism student in Tokyo and also a photographer who works for Japanesestreets.com. She covers both male and female clothing styles and besides that she attends fashion events. Of course I love the female models but there are also some excellent male fashion examples.

Fashion Japan @ JapaneseStreets.com

picture property of japanesestreets.com

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