The spring season of anime has begun. And it’s not an April fool’s post. I didn’t manage to create such a post [April Fool’s it’s not something that I can enjoy every year. Maybe I did enjoy it when I was a little child but now…I’m over that shit].

So, I happen to get into Yutori-chan, the first e-mail distributed anime. And…and…and I LOVE THIS!!!!! I don’t know why, but I’m quickly falling into the world of cute and lovely characters.

I’m being sucked [voice: that’s nasty – me: lemme finish you retard] into the moesphere. And I don’t panic or feel remorse or anything – It’s not like I’m betraying myself, but the opposite, I start to like other kinds of shows.

Yutori-chan is about a cute, lovely,  sweet and apparently innocent high-school girl who works part-time in a Toy’s Company marketing division.

Being young an inexperienced, her innocence is showed by the way she deals with things and how she acts in front of everybody.

She is played by Aoi Yuuki who also worked as the voice of Mina Tepes from “Dance in the Vampire Bund”. But the tone, the rhythm and the sweetness in her voice are totally different.

The show is very limited in running time – like just a lil’bit more than 2 minutes. And every episode shows some [moe]traits and [moe]qualities of the characters.

A very colorful show, best for a starting new season. Recommended.

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