M.O.E. [part 1/10]

When creating a character – there are some aspects that everybody wants to share with the world. A screenplay, a book, the story of a game, the plot of a show, the body of a literal sketch, any written work has some visible features that help creating the whole story.

And in a story, besides the main part [the action/the events] we have characters. Most stories present these characters as being involved in an evolution process. Their journey from point A to point B, their existential data being transformed.

Cuz we love anime, this article will refer to anime characters and the popular phenomenon that it’s now called MOE. There isn’t a precise definition of this term, but we know some aspects of it and we can relate them to nowadays anime personalities. The main question that will be found in these articles will be: What’s moe got to do with…? The blank space will be replaced with ten anime characters that [as I will try to prove] have a certain degree of moeness in their construction. So, let’s begin.

Today’s feature is none other than Misaka Mikoto [To Aru Kagaku no Railgun]

Many new anime shows have more female characters than male ones, and the artists when asked what they prefer to work on, they said that cute girls are more fun to draw.

Misaka Mikoto is one cute character, that’s true, so we have our first step into moeness. Moe it’s about lovely, cute characters. They have to be part innocent, part life-experienced, capable of supporting others and also open to those who want to help.

Misaka is a student at Tokiwadai Middle School in Academy city, a Level 5 psychic power user. Her powers involve electricity and she is known by the name of “Railgun”.

She works with the “Judgment” a group of youngsters that help keeping the peace of the city.

So, what’s moe got to do with her? Besides being a lovely character and an innocent one, her sweetness gets out when trying to offer her help to the others. She is capable of establishing relationships with others, she is still a girl [she loves some frog toy figures].

She enjoys the little things, like most young anime characters do. She plays the violin, she loves to make a good impression. Of course all these attributes were offered to her by her creator, but in a show, characters tend to act like they were real, like everything that they do is something we could learn.

Moe stands out when precising that she is cute, not matter what she wears. So, a certain [scientific] degree of moeness has touched this character. And all over the world, people liked it.

2 thoughts on “M.O.E. [part 1/10]

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  2. Yup this is soooooo right… now a days, artist would prefer to draw cute cartoon girls than to draw a boy cartoon this is because artist enjoy what they are doing if the will draw such cute girls like this…. 😀

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