Angel Beats 01

Okay – another new show – concentrated on the idea of existence in the afterlife. Angel Beats – the battle against God and Angel(s).

Otanashi (the main character) wakes up…in the afterlife. He’s dead, we do not know how he died, he has amnesia. That’s our starting point.

He meets Yurippe, the leader of a Battle Squad who fights against Angel – a cute, innocent looking girl (as you can see above) but who has great powers and abilities.

We do not know the exact reason why these people are fighting against Angel. All we know is that she is a pretty tough enemy and she cannot be defeated easily.

Otanashi will learn about some aspects of the afterlife. If he doesn’t realize something meaningful in here, he could vanish and reincarnate into another lifeform. He finds out about the NPC – non-player characters – entities that exists without a proper conscience. They have an artificial way of living.

After the first encounter with Angel (when she stabbed Otanashi in the heart), he will realize that it’s in his best interest to join Yuri’s group.

Now he can prove himself by engaging in a mission. All the member of the group will plan an attack on Angel. I guess I’ll let you see how that ended.

It’s not the greatest show of the season and to be honest, it wasn’t as good as I expected it to be. Hopefully, the next episodes will get better.

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