Kiss x Sis 01

Well, like any other anime season, some ecchi action has to be presented to the public. This year’s spring season brought the anime adaptation of Kiss x Sis manga.

Keita Suminoe lives with his two older twin sisters who have this thing for him. It’s obvious from the first scenes that it’s a brother complex situation. And to specify the cliche, other boys envy him because his sisters love him (in more different ways).

For Keita-kun this is very strange and he tries to avoid embarrassing situations. But as you know and I know, the love story between them it’s purely fictional – and yes – the producers are not some dirty minded perverts. They only recreated the stupidity of young girls who fall easily in love (with everyone).

My choice would be Ako, the elder twin sister. She is more direct, she never hides her feelings for her brother. She has her way of dealing with things.

But reminding you that it’s just an anime show (not something that should happen in real life), the story gets more and more about the relationship between the siblings. Far away from the ecchi elements we have the illustration of the characters and the way they are created.

Since their father stated that they are not blood related, he encourages them into more “physical” contact. 😐 That scene just ruined my day. It was an example of Bad-Bad parenting.

But in the end, you already know that I enjoyed the show. Recommended for those who liked To Love Ru or Kanokon.

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