Hidden camera in shoes???

Again the whattafuck side of the world has come to my attention.

A 29-years old japanese man has been arrested because of his “perverted” hobby – taking up-skirt pics of school-girls. You nasty boy!!!

He was approaching the girls – close enough to put his feet even closer [where he had a hidden photo-camera]. Just imagine how he was dealing with this thing.

If you ask me, I think he looked like doing “THA STANKY LEG”. That’s right, he was “jerking” outdoors. Jerking is a dance phenomenon in The States right now – don’t jump to conclusions you son/daughter of a bitch.

But look at the bright side – he can reveal his naughty side in jail where he will be doing “THA STANKY D##K” – they get only a few showers a week :P. [Neaaahh…I kid the guy. Going to prison is not a pleasant thing.]

Anyway – it’s what you get if you are interested in young gals.

One thought on “Hidden camera in shoes???

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