Stealing electricity

OMFG! This is so unusual.

A man [unemployed-obviously] [declared to be a lazy-ass] has been sentenced to one year in prison because he stole ¥2.5 worth amount of electricity.

He didn’t stopped after being observed and warned – he kept on using that stolen amount – but after some time – the authorities were announced and now he’s been arrested.

¥2.5 is a very very little – and makes me wonder why such a punishment for such an insignificant amount of money.

But then Lord Raiden came and said: Thou shalt not steal me electric power – thou shalt not mock the power of the protector of the Earth Realm. I spared you from participating in the last MK competition and be glad that you didn’t end up in Shao Khan’s mines.

I’m feeling sorry for the guy [damn, now I’m afraid that Lord Raiden will come after me too :|] – but he asked for it – cuz he ignored the warnings.

But anyway – a year in prison is a very long period of time.

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