Voice acting

When choosing the right person to became the representation of a character [mostly in movies and anime, but also in radio-theater and CD dramas] – the voice becomes very important.

And keeping your voice healthy enough [for those who make a living with it] is even harder. Recently I’ve heard some news about the income of those who work as voice actors in eroges and hentai series.

And as stated, they don’t get paid as well  as they should be. Seiyuus [in our case who are involved in erotic works] have a lot of trouble trying to create the perfect tonality and rhythm, to speak as the characters should. It’s even harder when you have to create impossible sounds [screams, moans, etc.]

They say it’s a dirty job, but somebody’s gotta do it. Like this, no wonder that people will look upon other kind of [shady] jobs.

One thought on “Voice acting

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