The reality beyond FPS

Every gamer loves First Person Shooters.

Who doesn’t love taking the shotgun/assault rifle and destroy everything that surround him. War-themed, horror, fantastic – all shooters make this world a better place.

Most people stated that killing in videogames is a simulation for real violent acts. If you’re a stupid retard and after playing Doom 3 you go outside and start killing your neighbors with a wrench or a pipe – you deserve to get caught and never see the sunlight again.

But studies show that FPSs have not only defects but also qualities. I already knew that – but people seem to be avoiding the reality about games.

FPS can be used to train our brains, can be used for people who have memory problems – can make us more intelligent and more attentive to the surrounding environment. We can train our understanding skills and we can act different in the real life.


One thought on “The reality beyond FPS

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