Ghost in the Shell – part one

There’s a perfect time for everything – and right now it’s just perfect for me to talk a lil’bit about the recent anime I’ve seen.

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex is a Production I.G. anime that originally run in 2002/2003. We have the story of cyberterrorism coupled with some SF action and politics analysis.

Directed by Kenji Kamiyama, GITS brings us a world of violence and evil that now is evolving via internet. All the volumes of the series will have a perfect depiction of how data can be transmitted and used by the power of online connections.

The Laughing Man case is what we deal with in this first season of GITS.

Even if humans can now obtain advantages by using cyborg parts as parts of their bodies, problems can appear. It is the case of cyberbrain sclerosis and the therapy used to treat it, therapy through micro-machines. The Laughing Man, the alias for a certain PC hacker will try to demonstrate the inefficiency in using that kind of treatment. Tests showed that some kind of tuberculosis vaccine is more useful when dealing with this disease.

Therefore, someone had to step up and reveal the truth.

The story centers around a police department called Section 9. Here we meet Major Mokoto Kusanagi – a female cyborg that can be considered that type of intelligent and independent woman. Her evolution is seen from strong-headed acts to understanding the meaning of team work. The first season offers many cases in which Mokoto has to bring her comrades into action.

Another strong point, as stated by other critics is the sexuality. She is capable of attracting men only by her attitude (and that outfit).

Besides being an cyborg themed and automatization related anime, it is a good depiction of human feelings that could be transmitted to robots. Love, hate, compassion all these can be learned – if not remembered.

GITS is featured on the must see list and many people say only good things about it. I’ll not break that rule when I say I’ll gladly watch the other season and the second movie. The first one was awesome.

Later edit: The series and the movie features some very cool music. I especially love the Doll Houses tracks.

Yomeiro Choice volume 2 – review

Finally – I ended reading the second volume of Yomeiro Choice – and I can say the story evolved from good to great. We aren’t resuming only at the simple fact of having babies with three women, but we have some emotional arithmetic that we have to study in here. Get ready to be spoiled a lil’bit.

Great, just great as the spirit stated in “Lionheart: Legacy of the Crusader”, but from where to begin…

I say this to refresh your memory – Yomeiro Choice is an Ecchi Comedy that presents some girls that came from the future to make sure that their parents will take action in order for them to be born.

One boy, three different girls + the other three. Harem installed, fanservice checked, embarrassing situations put, all in one volume.

There are presented, in order, the possibility of spoiling the father too much and therefore he wouldn’t be a role model for his kids. Then we have wrong feelings for wrong persons. We also have wrong ways of behaving and destroying something that took a while to be built.

We have human relationships, good and bad deeds, and over all this we obtain LOVE. Love is the main theme, even if it’s not detailed. The last chapter let a question mark above the destiny of our hero – what his future look like – we don’t know – yet.

Grave of the Fireflies

I had in mind to watch this movie for some time now and finally I did. If somebody would put me to describe the movie in like three words I would say inspiring, touching, sad. Of course every production that tells a war-story should be touching and sad – war is something awful, something that destroys lives and dreams.

The story sets us in the time of WW2. Japanese territory is invaded by aircrafts that destroy everything beneath them.

Living with their mother are Seita and his little sister Setsuko. After one bombing session, they lose their mother and begin their existence by themselves.

They end up staying in this old shelter. It’s a touching story because of the struggle of surviving, the battle against famine and misery, the perfect childhood being destroyed. Setsuko is the only one who will try to live the moment – since she is a young child, she doesn’t need to worry about future. Her brother will deal with all the problems – and he will be her support til her final days.

We have the theme of war as percepted by a child. Even if it’s not stated the true essence of it, this vision can lead us to the idea of defining war. Setsuko will die due to lack of nourishment and due to her existential environment.

The scene of Seita dealing with her dead body almost brought me to tears.

To end this I must say that this is the best Studio Ghibli movie I’ve seen so far.

Meatball Machine

Simply put, sci-fi horror meets apocalyptic gore. In this battle of good against bad, the only thing that will survive is the public. Anything else has to…sort of die. Note: it’s not the best horror japanese film you’ll ever see. But it’s interesting because of the mashed meat and blood that flies all over. This is the Meatball Machine.

Most of the japanese movies I’ve seen inflicted a character that seems to be a young male, shy or uninterested in what this world could offer, who can be easily beaten and who is most of of the time a subject for mockery.

Meet Yoji and his existential condition. As stated above, he is our “hero”. The plot tells us that some alien organism capable of taking over the human body and controlling its functions has entered the Earth realm.

Other organisms came here in order to search possible enemies and try to kill and eat them. So, it’s a story about human that became necroborgs and now they fight and eat each other.

Yoji will become one of them, but he will succeed in removing the parasite and keep only the body. The story complicates when the women he liked ends up a necroborg too. To save her he has to kill her, so the fight begins.

We have weapons that come out from their flesh, he have a lot of blood spilling out and we have characters engaged in intensive pain sessions.

It’s nothing psychologically told but it made me think about one thing: when will this idea of necroborgs taking over the planet will cease to be the main theme of some of the japanese media products?

Otakus – The Movie

I just came across this short film involving the theme of being an otaku.

It was produced by Kamikaze Productions [Spanish movie makers] and as stupid as it sounds, the effects are way better than many amateur movies I’ve seen.

The story goes this way: two otakus have a debate on Dragon Ball GT which is presented as Dragon Gol GP. Because of the differences in their believes in this anime, they start a fight. And it’s not that kind of fight that two nerds could engage in – but we have some very cool DB battle style. Somebody said that the effects are cooler than those in Dragon Ball: Evolution.

OK. Just check the video out and spread the word.

Awesome Retro RPG Game

When we talk retro RGPs we talk dungeons, heroes, princesses, demons and crazy quests. I just read on a blog about this retro RPG and the things it has to offer.  Synopsis Quest Deluxe – a japanese game [but which is translated] which only consists of 25 levels – with little surprises.

We have simple quests like talk to somebody, trade an item, defeat an enemy and so. But we also have some levels with some interesting puzzles / you just got to have what it takes to continue.

Best part – when it is presented the story of your parents. You end up in Heaven – you learn that your mother is an Angel, then surprise, your journey gets you to your father, who is a mole :)). Japanese humor was always something that these kind of games had to offer.

A very inspiring OST, remembering you of the late 80’s gaming. I finished the game and so should you.

You can find it here – Synopsis Quest Deluxe.

Big Booty Bitches

OMG OMG OMG – This shit is so hard!!!!

Unbelievable – how did I missed this til now? This is the coolest freestyle I’ve heard in my entire life. This is for all big-assed females – BIG BOOTY BITCHES :))

And remember – nobody loves SKINNY BITCHES :)) [check out the video]